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What we do


The UK Indoor Environments Group (UKIEG) was launched in 2003, with the aim to co-ordinate and provide a focus for UK activity concerned with improving indoor environments for people.

Our Aims and Objectives.

We are a unique, independent and impartial multidisciplinary network of professionals working in the field of health, wellbeing and indoor environments. We are committed to promoting the development, synthesis, dissemination and application of evidence relating to policy and practice in the UK indoor built environment,  with the ultimate aim of improving health and wellbeing. Our objectives are:

  • To promote the health and well being of people in indoor environments;
  • To promote research and research collaboration in all aspects of the indoor environment;
  • To increase awareness of current activity and knowledge gaps in areas concerned with indoor environments and people;
  • To disseminate knowledge concerned with indoor environments and people;
  • To help align the different conceptual, disciplinary and professional-practice approaches underpinning research, policy and professional practice concerning health and wellbeing in indoor environments in the UK;
  • To promote the effective and efficient design and operation of indoor environments;
  • To communicate, integrate and network activity concerned with indoor environments and people;
  • To communicate and liaise with other relevant groups within the UK and abroad, and foster links with industry, Government, professional organisations, and institutions conducting relevant research;
  • To promote good practice.

Our Members


We currently have approximately 250 registered members with a wide range of expertise from medics to toxicologists, architects, designers, appliance manufacturers, academics, regulators, researchers, chemists, modellers, engineers, building managers, environmental health professionals, social scientists – and others working in fields connected with the built environment. Our members can choose to receive regular updates on the Group’s activities and relevant news and events..


One of the main functions of the UKIEG is to provide a platform for members to discuss issues of common interest. An annual conference is organised by the group which in the past has covered areas such as energy efficiency and human behaviour and indoor environments and children’s health (see link), the members having a significant input into deciding the theme for each meeting. Besides our annual Conference, we also help organise other events, often in collaboration with appropriate partner organisations. 

When appropriate, the UKIEG Committee secures funding to support selected activities. For example, the UKIEG won funding for a Collaborative Development Network grant from the Lifelong Health and Wellbeing programme managed by the MRC (Medical research Council). The project, led by then UKIEG Chair Prof Jon Ayres, was entitled WELLINE: Wellbeing and the Indoor Environment, and aimed to set up a multidisciplinary expert Network. This examined the interactions between indoor environmental factors and key chronic diseases affecting the older population – thereby identifying effective interventions on the indoor environment which could alleviate existing cardiopulmonary, musculoskeletal or neurological conditions in older people, and/or prevent the onset and/or mitigate progression of such conditions during the life course.

In addition to dissemination and networking activities, the UKIEG Committee helps coordinate targeted expert workshops and, in collaboration with relevant experts if appropriate, produces expert statements/reports on selected topics, with an overall aim to help promote the development, synthesis, dissemination and application of evidence relating to policy and practice for health and wellbeing associated to UK’s indoor environments. 

Collaborations with other organisations

The UKIEG has for many years worked with other organisations that share our concerns about the insufficient regard given to the impact that indoor environments have on our health and well being including ASBP, APPG, SAQN, Asthma UK, Clean Air campaign.

We are keen on exploring new collaborations, if you are interested on working with us please contact us.

Become a UKIEG Ambassador

The UKIEG is increasingly making connections with other groups and organisations operating in areas associated with the indoor environment. To this end, we are keen to appoint ‘UKIEG Ambassadors’ who could act as a point of contact between the UKIEG and other related groups, so that we can share relevant information, occasionally co-host events, and contribute as appropriate to each other’s initiatives, such as working groups. If you are a member of a relevant group or organisation and are keen to act as UKIEG Ambassador for that group, please contact Dr Marcella Ucci: As Ambassador, you would act as a point of contact, sharing information, events and initiatives when appropriate.


The UKIEG logo should only be used in association with specific purposes endorsed by the committee; e.g. promotion of UKIEG sponsored events, communications on behalf of the UKIEG committee.

Members (and non-members) should not use the logo without explicit approval of the UKIEG committee.

UKIEG Constitution 

The most recent UKIEG constitution is available here.

Sharing knowledge, skills and experience of indoor environments.

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